Chichén Itzá : A Wonder of the World

Mexico is full of natural paradises and impressive constructions. The beauty of our planet and what we have built on it is something worth knowing far from the 4 walls of your hotel room.

That’s why Chichen Itza was founded in 525 A.D. and soon became an important capital of the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Besides that it has become the main archaeological attraction that any visitor wants to know, since its “Kukulcan Temple” dedicated to the god Kukulcan, the feathered serpent, is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World, to see it will steal your words, its height, its architecture, its perfection. Everything about it is marvelous, magical and mystical.

Do you want to know this powerful place full of history? Book a tour of Chichen Itza that will give you a trip through time to admire and learn more about the history of its imposing Mayan vestiges, famous for the mathematical, geometric and astronomical precision with which they were built.

One of the distinctive features of Chichen Itza are the cenotes, and among them stands out, in the center of this ancient city, the “Cenote Ik kil” where its surface is surrounded by lots of vegetation and down some stairs made of stone where you will find small balconies to observe how beautiful it is around you, then access to the crystal clear waters where you can refresh and purify yourself in these sacred, crystal clear and subway waters.

And if visiting a pre-Hispanic town was not enough for you, it’s time to take a tour of one of the Magical Towns considered a World Heritage Site since 2012, we are talking about the Colonial city of Valladolid, also known as “The Pearl of the West”, its greatest beauty lies in its colonial buildings and houses, its parks, neighborhoods and churches that abound throughout the map. This amazing place lends itself very well to consider it an-escape from the everyday and rest in a typical Yucatecan city with good attractions and also with a lot to know!

The perfect restaurant to enjoy exquisite 100% Yucatecan food. The culinary art of Yucatecan cuisine concentrated in a colonial style house, is a magical experience, you can also enjoy typical dances of the region.

An unbeatable tour like this one where you will visit Chichen Itza, a sacred cenote, a colonial town and an old house.  In Mexico there were cultures that created multiple wonders based on their knowledge and observation and now you have no excuse since you can still see them. You can’t wait to see more impressive places that Mexico and the world has to offer.



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