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The city of Chichen Itza was founded by the Itzaes Mayas in the 6th century and it is dedicated to the god Kukulkán: “The feathered serpent”. The meaning of the name Chichén Itzá is “mouth of the well of the Itzaes”, referring to the Sacred Cenote that was considered the entrance to the underworld.

Chichen Itza has a huge amount of buildings that make it unique. This ancient capital city has been declared a World Heritage Site.


What to visit in Chichen Itza

There are many impressive buildings at Chichen Itza. The most famous one is “The Castle”, which is the central pyramid, but there are many other ruins worth a visit. Here is a list of all the buildings and special places you can find at Chichen Itza:

  • “The Castle” or Kukulkan Pyramid.
  • The Great Ball Game.
  • The Sacred Cenote.
  • Group of the Thousand Columns.
  • The Observatory “El Caracol”.
  • The Ossuary.
  • Temple of the Jaguars.
  • Temple of the Barbed Man.
  • The “Tzompantli”.
  • Platform of Eagles and Jaguars.
  • Temple of the Warriors.
  • Temple of the Large Tables.
  • The Market.
  • The Church.
  • The “Chinchanchob”.
  • Temazcal.
  • The Nunnery.
  • “Akab Dzib”.

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Pyramid of Kukulcan

The pyramid consists of 4 faces and a top platform, where a temple sits. Each of these faces is crossed by a staircase of 91 steps, which added to the last step, give the sum of 365, the days of a year.

At the time of the equinoxes, the shadow of Kukulkan, the serpent, descends from its temple to fertilize the earth, while the red jaguar is hidden in the Temple of the Warriors, with its jade spots glowing.

In total, the height of the pyramid is 25 meters. 

Chichen Itza Map and Location

Chichen Itza Is Here!

Chichen Itza is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, 115 km from the city of Merida.

Chichen Itza, Tablaje 4508 S/N, Chichen Itza, 97751, Mexico

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Monday to Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Total closing of the site at 5:00 pm. Allowed capacity of 3,000 visitors per day. Respect health safety measures.

  • Audio guides.
  • Restrooms.
  • Ticket Office.
  • Guides.
  • Restaurant.
  • Tourist Information Module.
  • Wheelchair service (Subject to availability).
  • Souvenir shops.
  • Handicraft Market.
  • INAH Offices.
  • Taxis.
  • Extra fee for video cameras.
  • Parking with extra cost.
  • No Smoking.
  • No entry with food.
  • Pets not allowed.
  • No Flash.
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses.
  • Bring cash to buy crafts and souvenirs.
  • Use comfortable shoes, avoid sandals or heels.
  • Bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.
  • Spring Equinox:  March 20 and 21 of each year.
  • Fall Equinox: September 22 and 23 of each year.
  • Kukulkan Nights: Special Night Show. Contact us for availability.